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Xilution is a collection of products and services that helps small to medium sized digital marketers utilize the cloud like a large corporation.

Our turn-key dev-ops pipelines and APIs save digital marketers thousands in dev-ops engineering costs.

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Our turn-key dev-ops pipeline products help digital marketers focus on creating web content.

Penguin is where you manage your WordPress pipelines.

Coyote is where you manage your static web content pipelines.

Fox is where you manage your application programming interface (API) pipelines.

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Learn how to set up a WordPress site on the Xilution Platform

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We're looking to partner with up to ten digital marketing agencies to beta test our new dev-ops platform.

We've invested two years building a turn-key dev-ops platform for small to medium sized digital marketing agencies. Our platform is inspired by similar platforms custom built by large corporations and their internal dev-ops engineering departments. If your digital agency doesn't have an internal dev-ops engineering department of your own and would like to experience how the Xilution platform can save you thousands in dev-ops engineering costs, contact us today and request a demo. Availability is limited, so act now!

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