NoOps Realized

Xilution automation can save you thousands in DevOps engineering costs and will accelerate your digital transformation efforts.

By codifying common DevOps methods associated with modern web development practices, our unique platform helps your web development teams perform at the highest level of efficiency.

Our platform of NoOps stacks, pipelines and APIs will transform your web development teams by allowing them to focus on building content and avoid toiling over the tedious process of delivering working code to the cloud.

The Xilution Difference

We want to be your web development DevOps partner.

Although our platform is designed to be 100% self service, we understand that some teams will need assistance to gain the maximum benefit from our platform. Therefore, we're prepared to offer support service plans to ensure the smoothest adoption possible.

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Xilution Stacks

Xilution Stacks take the guesswork out of building and deploying resources into the cloud.

Stacks are assemblies of Xilution pipelines and other cloud centric resources that form a cohesive web development solution. Provisioning a stack is fast and easy. What once took days or weeks for web development teams to do can now be achieved in minutes.

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Xilution Pipelines

Our turn-key NoOps pipelines feature ready-made cloud infrastructure in convenient t-shirt sized choices.

T-shirt sized infrastructure choices simplifies cloud provisioning for your web development teams and allows them to provision the right amount of resource for their needs. We'll keep an eye on your cloud resource usage and will help you scale up as your solution grows.

Static web content pipelines starting at ~$15 USD per pipeline per month.*

API pipelines starting at ~$75 USD per pipeline per month.*

* You are responsible for fees incurred through the use of resources provisioned into your cloud account by the Xilution platform. These fees are paid directly to your cloud provider through your cloud provider account. In addition to these cloud provider fees, Xilution charges the aforementioned fees per provisioned pipeline. See products for specific pricing details.

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For a limited time, new registered Xilution accounts will receive $500 USD in Xilution credit.

This offer is good for 6 months from the time of registration!

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We want to learn about your web development projects and your DevOps practices. We are committed to listening carefully to your needs and helping you determine if we're a good fit for your context.

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