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Skip the Burdensome Backend Build Out

Introducing Beagily, a simple data storage API with search and access control features. We are pleased to offer Beagily as a subscribable software as a service product which relieves software engineering teams of the need to provision and maintain a backend database.

  • RESTful web service interface is interoperable with almost any programming language.
  • Great for prototyping and rapid concept validation.
  • Store almost any JSON formatted data.
  • You define the structure of your data through the API as JSON Schema.
  • Control who has access to data by assigning ownership to records.
  • Search your data through our search criteria or Elasticsearch query endpoints.

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Xilution - Basics - Beagily

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For Coders

Created by coders for coders. Like you, we just want to create awesome software that customers love. As a front end programmer, you can count on us to provide you with a reliable, tested and scalable backend upon which you can confidently create the next great web or mobile app.

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Customer Driven

We aspire to be the most customer driven SaaS provider in the business. We recognize the loss of control you may feel when you subscribe to a backend created by another software engineering team. Through or unique platform, we put the power back in your hands.


Born in the Cloud

The cloud has had a strong influence on the creation of the Xilution platform. Our cloud architecture helps us keep our operating expenses low which in turn means lower SaaS costs for you. The cloud also affords us near boundless scalability which means there are no limits to your app's growth when you integrate with our APIs.

Our API Based SaaS

As software engineers ourselves with years of app development experience, we found that we created the same APIs over and over again. We simply got tired of reinventing the wheel and created a software as a service platform to serve programmers with common software engineering abstractions.

Our mission is to created an à la carte portfolio of interoperable APIs for software engineering teams that want to extend their capabilities and deliver software faster. We intend to create APIs that fulfill a wide variety of functions and serve many different industries.

Our APIs are backend focused. By concentrating our software engineering energy on our APIs and not admin consoles, we keep our expenses low. We return those savings back to you in the form of low usage rates.

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